Our Team

Our Team

Ms Leila Azad

  • Counsellor & Psychotherapist
  • Founder of TherapyATSchool
  • MCounsPsych, GCCBT, GDPsychSci, DBsMn, DEd, MPharm, BPharm
  • Registered Member of Australian Counselling Association

Leila has over ten years’ experience in working with children and adolescents and over five years’ experience in counselling and mentoring.

She has combined her extensive experience in training and teaching with art of therapy and counselling. Leila’s specialty is in assisted learning for all age groups. She is an all-rounded who considers all aspects of life in her approach.

Leila is a genuine, open-minded, caring, and consistent person who finds a solution in every problem.

Mrs. Christine Merrington


  • Counsellor & Psychotherapist
  • MCounsPsych, GDCounsPsych, GCCounsPsych
  • BBehSci (Psych/Soc), DCS, CEd
  • Registered member of Australian Counselling Association

Christine has experience working with people with a range of psychological difficulties. She enjoys helping people create a holistically balanced approach to life and is especially passionate about helping people build healthy relationships.

She has a Diploma of community welfare and is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with a master’s degree from the university of Adelaide.

Assisted Learning, Psychotherapy, and Life Coaching